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University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences, Polje 42, 6310 Izola
05 / 662 - 64 - 60


The basic mission of UP FHS is to carry out quality study and research programmes, and to combine educational and research processes in the field of food, nutrition and health care. UP FHS has all the necessary support infrastructure (laboratories, research equipment, IT equipment, computer support, simulation centre, lecture rooms and library). Besides being en educational organisation, UP FHS is also a research organisation. The current research work includes the following fields: oncology, orthopedics – prosthetics, nutrition, dietetics, obesity, biological markers, microbiology, infections, public health, health promotion, health education, nursing and care of the elderly. UP FHS has a well-equipped laboratory and simulation centre which offer plenty of opportunities to create scenarios in the field of health care and nursing.


UP FHS is a registered research organisation at the Slovenian Research Agency. We are especially active in the area of biomedical applications of electroporation, the development of diagnostic tests to establish infections of orthopedic prostheses, and establishing predictive factors for obesity at biochemical and genetic levels. Moreover, we perform research work that tries to establish the effect of nutrition, sport and physical activity on health maintenance. We are also active in the field of information science in health care and nursing, the use of ICT and simulations for learning and teaching in nursing, and e-learning and use brain training programs and cognitive assessment resources to ensure the highest quality research possible.


Regarding health care management, we focus our research activities on quality services that we study from different aspects through clinical trials.





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