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University of Primorska, Faculty of Health Sciences, Polje 42, 6310 Izola
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Published 24. 07. 2015
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Institute for food, nutrition and health
of University of Primorska Faculty of Health Sciences

2nd Year Conference "Food and Nutrition for Health"



on 16th and 17th October 2015,
at the LifeClass Hotels, The Congress Centre, Portorož, Slovenia



The Conference Programme is still under construction, will be soon published.

The lecturers who already confirmed their participation are:

  • Openness and excellence in the Mediterranean diet, Kerem Zohar, Izrael
  • Piran salt, the identity of space and global commodity, Mitja Guštin, Slovenia 
  • Food authenticity in context of high throughput analytics concepts, Jasna Katalinić et al,  Croatia

  • Microbial quality and safety of fruits and vegetables. A MEDian approach, Dimitris Tsaltas et al., Cyprus

  • Quality and safety challenges in seafood chain: Case fish, Slavica Čolak et al., Croatia

  • Quality and safety challenges in olive chain, Bojan Butinar et al., Slovenia

  • Quality and safety challenges in novel products in grain chain; the case of corob: Martina Avbelj et al., Slovenia

  • Challenges for processing “forgotten” Mediterranean products, Paola Pittia et al., Italy

  • Contribution of Mediterranean herbs and spices to Mediterranean diet: Anna McElhatton et al.,  Malta

  • Contribution of Meat products in Mediterranean diet, Antonello Paparella et al., Italy

  • Contribution of Milk products in Mediterranean diet, Effie Tsakalidou et al., Greece

  • Forgotten Mediterranean fruits and vegetables for Mediterranean diet, Artemis Karaali et al.,  Turkey

  • Forgotten fermented foods for Mediterranean diet, Carlo Bruschi et al., Italy

  • The Mediterranean diet and a healthy digestive tract, Alojz Ihan et al., Slovenia

  • Morska sol in mediteranska prehrana, Urška Blaznik et al., Slovenia

  • The Mediterranean diet traps for adult population, Tamara Poklar Vatovec et al., Slovenia

  • Revival of Beer in Mediterranean diet, Ida Leskošek Čukalović et al., Serbia

  • (Bio) enriched foods in Mediterranean diet: The challenge for whom? Ibrahim Elmadfa, Austria

Abstracts could be submitted till 31 August 2015, the registration will be open after 15 August 2015.
You are kindly invited to contact us by e-mail danhrane@fvz.upr.si for any further assistance.


Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“Undergraduate nursing study programme at UP FHS is very dynamic and varied. In addition to lectures, which give us the theoretical basis , newly acquired knowledge can be advantageously used in clinical training and later in our work. If you are interested in working with people and healthcare, this is the study for you!” - Mirko Ilić, Undergraduate Nursing Student
Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“I decided to study dietetics because this field is very promising . Nowadays we are faced with the " obesity epidemic " and we could say that "We are what we eat". Also, this is the only study in Slovenia in the field of nutritional counselling. Studying on the beutiful Slovenian coast is just another plus. If you are interested in gaining knowledge for helping people achieving a healthier life style, than studying Nutritional counselling is right for you.” - Žan Virtnik, Undergraduate Nutritional counseling - dietetics student
Monika Santorini, študentka dietetike
“I started studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences because I was attracted by the study programme Nutritional counselling - Dietetics . At first I did not know what competences and knowledge the degree in Dietetics will bring me, but shortly after visiting the Faculty for the firs time I decided that this was the right study for me. During the study I learned about the impact of food on the human body and why it is important to eat fresh and high quality food. I am satisfied with my decision and studying on the coast also has its charms.” - Nina Medved, Undergraduate Nutritional counseling - dietetics student

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